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IPS3 offers a range of cost effective additive manufacturing solutions to suit a wide set of on demand manufacturing applications ranging from medical, engineering and architectural. Our high quality Nylon prints are perfect for functional structural parts but also for  bio-compatible autoclavable surgical instrumentation and pre-operative modeling. Being located centrally in Adelaide allows us to work closely with our clients and offer very short delivery times both locally and nationally. Our full colour prints make exceptional conceptual and display models for architects, property developers, designers and can assist with DA (Development Application) and CC (Construction Certificate) applications.

About Us

IPS3 is the only Adelaide based team of additive manufacturing experts providing professional 3D printed solutions to our local and national clients.  We connect with engineering companies, medical professionals and organisations, design hubs, universities and research bodies to help bring your new product development to life.

Our mission is to drive innovation in South Australia whilst providing the unique abilities of industrial additive manufacturing to local and national industries. IPS3 3D printing machines present our customers with unique printing technologies not available elsewhere in South Australia. Through this technology designers, engineers now have the freedom to try multiple iterations, modify and redesign their initial concept at minimal cost. Our additive manufacturing solutions offers the possibility to print parts which are impossible to machine. IPS3 manufactures pre-operative models which significantly assist medical professionals and surgeons by providing enhanced surgical planning solutions and practice for complex medical procedures medical. 3D printed anatomical models are a great training aid and medical instruments can be manufactured for patient matched disposable single use.

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