Concept Models

IPS3 works with architects, property developers and interior designers to produce 3D coloured scaled architectural Development Application (DA) or Construction Certificates (CC) models as well as presentation and marketing models.

3D architectural modeling provides the precision of virtual 3D modeling combined to the tangibility of a physical object.  Our 3D printed models also reduce dramatically the time required for the creation of a conventional scale model whilst being very cost effective and enabling easy re-edition, re-use and re-printing of the original architectural 3D model. Since some of us may find it difficult to adequately "read" 2D blueprints, this technology removes this issue by allowing non-architects to understand the project to the same level as the designer himself. IPS3 's architectural models provide clients and stakeholders with an easy and clear architectural visualization of what the final property/development will be.

The 3D printing technology available at IPS3 enables us to create accurate, textured and vivid architectural models allowing for highly detailed coloured rendition all easily created from a digital file. Not only is the geometry of a building precisely represented, but IPS3 can also include exact modeling of landscape and surrounding context.



Site Planning

A two dimensional plan of a development site does not allow to convey the nuances of the landscape and environment the way a 3D coloured  representation does . 3D modeling allows for a better visualization of construction work, better communication among project teams and increased planning efficiency. It also assist planners in achieving detailed and accurate work plans, planning of temporary structure, quantity takeoffs and managing site logistics.

The benefits of allowing clients and stakeholders to visualise a project in context with the geographical context of the area cannot be understated.


Interior Designs

Not only is the shape and  the final rendition of the building/development printable, the interior layouts are too.

You can demonstrate the interior  layouts for your clients with high detailed and coloured scale models, providing an immediate understanding of the finished project itself.

Any floor plan or 3D building design can be transformed into a tangible display aimed at facilitating the decision making process of clients.


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