Pre-Operative Models

IPS3 offers two types of custom pre-operative patient specific models: functional highly accurate monochrome replicas made out of autoclavable bio-compatible Cat Nylon (allowing our models to be taken into the operating theatre) and full colour conceptual 3D representations. Orthopedics, oncology, oral and maxillo-facial, trauma, and transplant surgery are some of the disciplines that benefit greatly from pre-surgery modelling. Custom medical models help surgeons in the planning and practice of complex or mulitfaceted procedures and assist in predetermining the best possible outcome for the patient as well as drastically reducing surgery times consequently reducing procedure costs.

Our team prints precise patient specific full scale anatomical models which aid surgeons and health practitioners to diagnose and determine treatment more accurately for their patient. In some cases and in view of the additional information provided from the print,  the use of this pre-surgery aid dramatically changed the initial treatment course (for instance moving from an invasive to a minimally invasive procedure). Anatomical models can also assist in preparing specific only surgical equipment.

Conceptual replicas are made from a weaker material, however they are available as  high definition full colour prints at a very competitive cost.  These models are best used for highlighting different parts of a scan with colour to better identify a patient's condition. Models can be produced from DICOM files created from MRI or CT scans.



IPS3 is able to produce high volumes of high quality client specific foot orthotics (insoles, ankle supports etc...) with its state of the art SLS printing technology.

Our prints are strong, durable, lightweight and stem from high accuracy digital foot scans which provide our clients with a perfectly fitted custom product more accurate than the traditionally produced orthotics. These can be made more  flexible or rigid depending on requirements. Having the ability to prescribe an individualised manufactured orthotic benefits the podiatrist' treatment course and ultimately the patient using the orthotics, 

Orthotics manufactured at IPS3 will be printed within days whereas traditional manufacturing of orthotics would often take up to 2 weeks from start to finish. Delivery times from receipt of a scan by a podiatrist to shipment is 3-5 days.


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