Functional 3D Prints

Our functional Nylon 3D prints are durable, strong and lightweight. The high quality Nylon used is also heat-resistant, impact resistant and is food/medical grade, making it suitable for a wide range of applications for which other printers are unsuited.

The high resolution of our 3D manufactured parts and the speed of production gives IPS3 and its clients a competitive edge when it comes to the development of prototypes and the manufacture of structural engineering parts and assemblies or bespoke articles such as orthotics, and medical models. In addition to the quality of the material IPS3 uses, our printers are capable of manufacturing with a resolution accurate to 0.1mm making our 3D parts suitable for the aerospace and automobile industries too .




Conceptual Prints

One of the major drawbacks of filament  3D printing is the inability to print multicoloured objects without a multihead printer or changing filaments, which greatly increases the overall print time.

IPS3 boasts full colour printing technology that not only can print up to 6 million colours but can complete large prints in significantly less time than filament printing and with greater accuracy.

This technology is perfect for architectural models, educational or practical anatomical replicas, 3D topographical maps, product concepts, figurines, prop creation, visual marketing and more.



3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering 

In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, IPS3 offers a 3D scanning service to facilitate the transition to the direct additive manufacture printing of items such as legacy and bespoke parts.

Components no longer manufactured can be extremely difficult and expensive to source and acquire. The ability to 3D scan to subsequently recreate broken parts reduces downtime for non-functioning systems and offers the opportunity to improve on the original part or object with a modifiable digital model.

IPS3 can generate a ready to print digital file that will be used to remanufacture the exact initial shape of a desired piece and will also apply colour and additional finishes that may be required as an add-on to the final 3D printed part.



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